• Former CAF leadership with the Deputy President H.E. Hon. Rigathi Gachagua and Hon. Teresia Mbaika the PS State Department for Devolution during a Curtesy call to the office of the Deputy President

  • Group photo of all 47 Speakers during their Induction Workshop 2022, held in Mombasa

  • The Speaker Senate, Hon. Amason Kingi with CAF Secretariat at the Speakers' Induction Meeting held in Mombasa

  • CRA / CAF Meeting

    CAF Leadership led by the Chairperson Hon. Philemon K. Sabulei during a Courtesy call to Commission of Revenue Allocation (CRA)

  • Deputy Speaker, Senate, Hon. Kathuri Murungi with the Executive committee members during the Swearing In ceremony of the CAF leadership. 

Who we are & What we do!

Our Vision: Strengthened devolution through legislation, oversight and representation.

The County Assemblies Forum (CAF) is the coordinating body of the 47 County Assemblies in Kenya. The primary mandate of CAF is to promote networking and synergy among the 47 County Assemblies, coordinate intergovernmental relations and enhance good practice in legislative development.


The County Assemblies Forum (CAF) was formed in 2013, expanding the membership of its predecessor, the County Assemblies Speakers’ Forum (CASF), to include members of County Assemblies. CAF is a coordinating body of the forty-seven (47) County Assemblies established by the Constitution of Kenya, 2010 under Article 176. CAF is registered as a Society under the Societies Act, Laws of Kenya. The mandate of CAF is to support the County Assemblies perform their three core functions: law making, oversight and representation. CAF has its head office in Nairobi, where its Secretariat is based.


The 47 County Assemblies in Kenya

Establishment & Roles

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Leadership Structure

County Assemblies Leadership structure which includes Seven national Officials, Twenty-three Executive Committee Members, one hundred and fifty-one Governing Council Members, two thousand two hundred and forty-eight Members of the County Assembly


National Officials


Executive Committee


Governing Council


General Membership

Devolution of the Legislative Function

The devolution of the legislative function to County Assemblies has meant enriched jurisprudence especially in legislation touching on unique local issues that hither to may have escaped the national legislative process. This has also necessitated improvement of enforcement and compliance functions not only to ensure order but also as a source of the much-needed revenue for the County Governments. Additionally, Counties are having to continually compare notes as far as legislation is concerned to ensure mutual learning and eliminate legal contradictions across jurisdictions.