People elect the Ward Representatives to represent them in the assemblies. You can also refer to your Ward Representative as a Member of the County Assembly (MCA). A member of the County Assembly (MCA) is an elected representative who is in charge of an electoral unit known as a Ward. In the hierarchy, the Ward is the smallest electoral unit followed by the Sub-County (Constituency), the County and finally the Country.

The membership of the County Assembly in Kenya is important to run the Assembly affairs. The composition of the County Assembly in Kenya constitutes the following:

  • members elected by the registered voters of the wards (Ward Representatives).
  • the number of special seat members necessary to ensure that no more than two-thirds of the membership of the assembly is of the same gender (nominated based on the number of seats a political party or coalition has in the Assembly.).
  • six nominated members from marginalized groups, including persons with disabilities and the youth. This number should be reviewed to accord with the number of Wards determined by the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission.
  • a speaker elected by the county assembly from among persons who are not members of the assembly, as an ex officio member.

The majority party (the party with the largest number of elected MCAs in the assembly) gets to nominate the highest number of nominated MCAs followed by the minority party.