The Inaugural Legislative Summit was held on 22nd – 29th May, 2016 in, Flamingo Beach Hotel & SPA, Mombasa County. Participants shared experiences, achievements, challenges and gaps they faced, and made a raft of proposals on the way forward in line with the Theme: ‘Celebrating and Entrenching Devolution through Legislation’.

The Second Annual Legislative Summit was held on 20th to 24th March, 2017 in Mombasa County. Theme : ‘Effective Legislatures for Sustainable Grassroots Development’.The participants assessed the progress made, shared experiences and proposed ways to firm the gaps towards realizing the devolution dream.

The Legislative Summit 2018 was held on 20th – 25th May, 2018 in Mombasa. Being the second term of County Governments, Theme: “The Devolution Debate; Aligning Legislations to the Development Agenda”

The Legislative Summit 2019 would seek to build on the gains of the first three legislative summits while providing an avenue for Kenya Legislatures to critically interrogate their roles in the devolved governance structure, six years after its implementation begun. The pioneer devolved system of government largely focused on setting up of structures and hence much of the attention was on establishing the policy, legal and institution framework for democratic governance. The theme of the summit would focus on delivering on the objects of devolution guided by the constitutionally outlined principles as stipulated in Articles 174 and 175 respectively. The proposed Theme was: “Accelerating devolution; assessing the achievements and addressing the gaps in policy and legislation”

The Legislative Summit, 2020 was proposed to be held on 9th – 11th June, 2020 in Nakuru County. Theme: “Legislating for Sustainable Development”