The Legislative Summit, 2021 Dates to be communicated, 2021 in Nakuru County. Theme: “Legislating in Crisis for Resilience: Emerging Lessons and Call to Actionable Policy”

The Legislative Summit 2019 was held on 13th – 17th April, 2019 in Kisumu.Theme was: “Accelerating devolution; assessing the achievements and addressing the gaps in policy and legislation”

The Legislative Summit 2018 was held on 20th – 25th May, 2018 in Mombasa. Theme: “The Devolution Debate; Aligning Legislations to the Development Agenda”

The Second Annual Legislative Summit, 2017 was held on 20th to 24th March, 2017 in Mombasa County. Theme : ‘Effective Legislatures for Sustainable Grassroots Development’

The Inaugural Legislative Summit, 2016 was held on 22nd – 29th May, 2016 in, Flamingo Beach Hotel & SPA, Mombasa County. Theme: ‘Celebrating and Entrenching Devolution through Legislation’.